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The project team, led by local engineering firm, DJ&A, is now to the stage where plans have been developed. With the completion of this 90 percent design, the Mullan BUILD team can focus on completing final design of the project elements that have been prioritized to move to construction this spring.  

Knowing that Missoula County and the City of Missoula cannot advance all projects at this time, Mary Jane Boulevard South, Mary Jane Boulevard North, George Elmer Drive South, and England Boulevard were ranked as the highest priorities, that also meet the prerequisites. These areas are planned to start construction utilizing $13 million in federal BUILD Grant funds. Other identified improvements will be completed in the coming years as additional funding sources are secured. All project elements will be completed in additional phases once all necessary funding (via impact fees or grants) and right-of-way has been acquired.

With that background in mind, the project team is eager to hear the public's feedback and questions on the project plans.  Please see below for links to each phase of project design plans. Feel free to send any questions or comments to


90% Plan Documents

Typical Sections

Irrigation Crossing

Drainage and Stormwater

Temporary Traffic Control

Coming soon!

Pavement Marking and Signing

Lighting and Electrical

Sanitary Sewer Utility

Private Utilities


60% Plan Documents

Intro Sheets & Standard Details

Plan and Profiles


30% Preliminary Plan Documents

Intro Sheets & Typical Sections

Typical Sections & Earthwork Details 

Intro Sheet

Stream Restoration


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