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Mullan BUILD Overview

Project Background

In July of 2019, Missoula County and the City of Missoula partnered to apply for a discretionary grant through the US Department of Transportation known as Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (BUILD). 

The project focused on developing roads and infrastructure to support residential and commercial development in the area to the west of Reserve Street between Mullan Road and West Broadway. The project, as originally proposed, consisted of eight distinct project elements were to be developed with grant funding and a local match from the City/County.

More information about prioritized project elements can be found here.


Project Limits

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Current Status

2022 construction is complete! 2023 minor construction resumes.


The Mullan Road BUILD team has completed initial construction on the BUILD project. Final phase 1 improvements on Mullan Road, England Boulevard, George Elmer Drive and Mary Jane Boulevard will take place in 2023.


 This project's objective and strong driver was evaluating priorities to determine which segments to construct first. The intention is to make the project as equitable as possible for all landowners and share the benefits of the BUILD Grant throughout the entire Mullan and Broadway area.  The team has prioritized project areas, including Mary Jane Boulevard South, Mary Jane Boulevard North, George Elmer Drive South, and England Boulevard. The BUILD team has individually worked with developers to ensure infrastructure needs adjacent to development under construction in 2022/2023 and beyond are being supported.


All project elements and identified improvements will be completed. The plan is to move forward with the entire project scope once additional funding and right-of-way is acquired—more updates to come.
In this project's first phase, select street and utility construction began in April 2022. Most construction took place in 2022 and is anticipated to be fully wrapped up in 2023. However, the construction schedule and time frame are subject to change. 

Project Team

The Mullan BUILD project is highly collaborative, with representatives from the City, County, MPO and other governmental jurisdictions. In addition to local government offices, DJ&A is the primary lead on plan development. Among other subconsultants, Big Sky Public Relations is the primary point of contact for the public and partners throughout the course of this multi-year project.

Mullan Area Master Planning

Interested in learning about the Mullan Area Master Planning efforts? Learn more about that project here

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