Mullan BUILD

Construction Begins April 2022

Active construction begins on Mullan BUILD project in April 2022.

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Open House: September 27

Tuesday, September 27th 

4:30 - 6:30 PM

Hellgate Elementary (Building 3, Cafeteria) 

Mullan BUILD at a Glance

The Mullan BUILD project plays a pivotal role in how our community chooses to grow. There are countless reasons why we call this place home and why more and more people chose to live here. By building a foundation to improve safety, reduce congestion, generate economic development, and provide greenspaces to connect sidewalks, trails, and natural resources, how we intentionally shape future growth is at the heart of the Mullan BUILD project. 

A network of complete streets to improve connectivity and provide access to 1,500 acres of developable land will be created. To do this, more than three miles of new roads will need to be built, along with nearly four miles of new trails. Half-a-mile of Grant Creek’s stream must be restored in the floodplain. 

To fully build the Mullan area's entire infrastructure system would require hundreds of millions of dollars. Now with $13 million secured in federal funds, Missoula County and the City of Missoula can initiate some of the  Mullan BUILD project's first elements


Get to Know the Mullan BUILD Project

Project Improvements

In November 2019, Missoula County was awarded $13 million in federal BUILD Grant funding to develop infrastructure for the growing Mullan neighborhood. The original grant application noted that $23 million would be required to fully build the project. With a $10 million shortfall in funding, the County and City have prioritized which project elements will be delivered with the grant funding that is currently available and which elements will be delayed until future funding becomes available.

Project Schedule

Missoula County and the City of Missoula have hired DJ&A and consultants to begin preparation for the Mullan neighborhood’s future. At this time, final design efforts are completed. The team has determined which elements of the project will provide the greatest public benefit while providing equity and transparency for our community. Initial construction is anticipated to begin as soon as spring 2022.

Get Involved

This is a community project that will require the community’s input. Please sign up for updates or email Becca MacLean with Big Sky Public Relations with your comments, questions, or to learn how you can engage with our team throughout this process.


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